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In partnership with WS United

Robert Ollivierra Memorial Race

May 5 2012



23rd Annual



$Prize List To Be announced

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY





June 9 Tour of New York    
July 14 Brooklyn Grand Prix    
July 21 Al Toefield Memorial Road Race    
August 18 Blistered Butt Road Race    



Many of our fields fill via pre-registration.  If you do not want to get shut out, you should pre-register NOW for all events that you plan on entering.
If you choose not to pre-register (online or via mail) or miss the deadline, you should check BikeReg.com to see if your field is full.  If it has reached its field limit
do not show up on the day of the event with the expectation of racing. 
We appreciate your support.

Click Here to view/print 2011 Event Flyer (.pdf)

2011 USA Cycling Event Release Form


All Event Dates Feature the Same Format

Category Laps Distance Prizes Places Entry
Late Entries Field
Pro-1-2-3 13 44 miles $600 15 $25 $30 95
Masters 35+ (Cat 1-4) 10 34 miles $330 10 $25 $30 85*
Women (Cat 1-3) 11 37 miles $185 5 $25 $30 25*
Category 4 8 27 miles $330 10 $25 $30 80
Category 5 5 17 miles Medals 10 $20 $25 50

* Masters/Women start as a combined field with the Women (Cat 1-3) riding one more lap than the Masters and competing for a separate prize list.

So, pre-register to guarantee your spot.

Minors must have their entry form signed by a parent.
Entry fee for Juniors is only $5.
Juniors should register with their category (no separate Junior event).  If a Junior registers online, they should request a refund, at the event, of any entry fee amount they paid over $5.


Since the field is strictly limited to 50 riders, it is STRONGLY recommended that all riders doing the Category 5 event register online or by mail.  If you intend on registering on the day of the event, first check BikeReg.com to see if there are any spots left.  If less than 50 have registered via BikeReg, you should arrive very early as this field almost always fills up.

No category 5's are permitted in the Masters 35+ event. 
Riders with "elite" UCI licenses, may not ride in the Masters event.

Category 1-3 Women ride in a combined field with the Masters 35+, but ride one more lap than the Masters 35+, so that they have separate finishes.  Category 4 Women are permitted to enter the Category 5 or Category 4 Men's event. Entry fee for Category 4 Women is only $15 pre-entry and $20 on race day (please email promoter for discount amount on pre-entries or see promoter at the conclusion of racing on the day of the event).
Women Note: minimum field size is 10 women in order to pay full prize list. 
 If less than 10 women enter, then places & NY City Championship points for the first five women will be awarded, but prize list will be reduced.  See Prize List for details.
We strongly support women's racing, so you should support these races.

All International Licenses (UCI - non-USA Cycling) that do not have a category on them, must ride in the Pro-1-2-3 event.  Riders with "Elite" UCI Licenses may not ride in the Masters event.

 pay an additional $5 (does not apply to Category 5 Men or Category 4 Women).

Additional Event Info

All categories start 6:30 AM

Start/Finish and registration:
On the East Drive of Prospect Park, past Lincoln Road:
(click here for Google Map


Parking can be found on surrounding streets (such as Parkside Ave.).  DO NOT drive cars into the park.


A 3.4 mile loop along the park roadway in Prospect Park.  The course features one moderate (big ring) hill and sweeping turns. Although the course is closed to traffic, you will frequently encounter other park users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc), on the park roadway. For this reason, all competitors are advised to stay alert and be polite to other park users.
View Course Map


Riders must not enter the "recreation" lane on the left side of the roadway, for any reason.  Any rider entering this lane, even momentarily, will be disqualified and suspended by USA Cycling and will not be permitted to race in NY Parks for three months and will not be permitted to race in the NY Cycling Series races for one year.  We reserve the right to disqualify your entire team, if any of your riders enters the recreation lane.

If your field is being overtaken by another field, you must slow down and pull to the right immediately.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification of specific riders or an entire field (we have done this).  Do not mix in with a passing field.  You MUST stay behind your pace vehicle, unless given specific instructions to the contrary.

Additional Registration Information:

ONE-DAY LICENSES are available on the day of the event at a cost of $10 for those without a USA Cycling Racing license.  Please note that one-day licenses can be purchased only by unlicensed or Category 5 Men or unlicensed or Category 4 women.


Our preferred online registration site is

By Mail:

Send a Standard Athletes Release Form
along with a check payable to "Kissena Sports" to:
Kissena Sports Project
c/o Greg Avon
67 Park Avenue
White Plains, NY 10603
Mail entries must be received 7 days prior to race date in order to avoid late fee.

Day of Event

 Registration: 5:30 - 6:15 AM. 
NO CHECKS accepted on race day

The New York City Championships

is a season-long points competition for Pro-1-2-3, Masters 35+ and Women,
based on your results in the events on these five race dates.

Points are awarded for placing in each race as follows:
Pro/1/2/3: 15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Women (Cat 1-3): 5-4-3-2-1
Masters 35+: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
DOUBLE POINTS at the last TWO Events!

New York City Championship Trophies will be awarded, at the final event, to the top 5 point totals in each group.

PRIZES are awarded when results become ‘official’. Prizes that are not claimed can be picked up at any subsequent NY Cycling Series race in the current calendar year.

If you cannot pick up your prize, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Kissena Sports, 980 Broadway, #332, Thornwood, NY 10594 postmarked no later than September 30. Include a note requesting your prize with your placing, date & category.

ALL PROFIT from these events goes back into the sport of cycling through sponsorship of individual riders, teams, events or other cycling-related programs.

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