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2011 Blistered Butt Road Race. Masters Field Video (8/13/11)

2011 Al Toefield Memorial Race video (7/16/11)


2011 Big Apple Bicycle Classic Results (5/7/11)


Former Kissena Star John Correia is back in the European Pro Peloton
(NY Times, 12/29/09)

2009 New York Cycling Series Results
& NY City Championship Standings

(through 8/10/09, after 4 events)

Help Fight MS - 2005 MS Bike Tour
Sunday, October 16, 2005

2005 New York Cycling Series Results
& NY City Championship Standings

Kissena Sports Now Offers Coaching Services

No Pros in 2004
February 1, 2004

T-Mobile International
(San Francisco Grand Prix)

San Francisco, CA, Sept 14, 2003

(Cameron Hughes (LeMond Fitness/
Captain CRA-Z Soap) at the front)

New York City Cycling Championship
New York, NY, August 3, 2003

Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap) leading
Wes Sielger (West Virginia) through the start finish
when they were two minute up on the main field)

US Pro Championships
Philadelphia, PA, June 8, 2003

Vuelta de Bisbee
Bisbee, AZ, April 25 - 27, 2003

Mule Pass Time Trial, April 25
(2.8 miles with 837 feet of climbing)
Andrew Miller (Landis-Trek-VW)  9:42
10. Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness-Captain Cra-Z Soap) @ 0:39
15. Adrian Laidler (LeMond Fitness-Captain Cra-Z Soap) @ 0:55
42. Leigh Palmer (LeMond Fitness-Captain Cra-Z Soap) @ 1:19
45. Andy Crater (LeMond Fitness-Captain Cra-Z Soap) @ 1:22
50. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness-Captain Cra-Z Soap) 1:28
52. Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness-Captain Cra-Z Soap ) @ 1:30
62. Keith Miller (
LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap Amateurs) @ 1:45

Weil Wins in New Jersey
Tour de Lamb
Newark, NJ, March 29, 2003
1. Alex Weil (LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap Amateurs)

Captain CRA-Z Soap Joins LeMond Fitness as Co-Sponsor
New York, NY, March 25, 2003

Tucson Bicycle Classic
Tucson, AZ, March 14-16, 2003

Weekend in Pomona
Pomona Valley Stage Race
San Dimas, CA, March 6-9, 2003

Shootout at the North End Classic
LeMond Fitness-Blender Grabs Its First Win of the Season

Yuma, AZ, February 22-23, 2003

Shipp Abandons, Nealy Not Likely to Compete
In a minor setback for the team Brendan Shipp announced that he will resign from the team for personal reasons.  Also, it looks like Sean Nealy will not be competing this season due to back problems and personal commitments.  These developments are a normal occurrence for a cycling team and we remain very confident that our existing roster will deliver great results.
New York, NY, February 23

Mazur 3rd in TT, 4th Overall at Valley of the Sun
Phoenix, AZ, February 14-16, 2003

Time Trial, February 14
1. Sandy Perrins (Healthy Choice) 26:23.94
  2. Aaron Olsen (Schroeder Iron Pro) @16sec
  3. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @22sec
28. Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @1:53
30. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @1:57
45  Andy Crater (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @2:43
72. Keith Miller (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine - Amateur) @3:36

Road Race, February 15
1. Mark McCormack (Saturn Cycling Team) 3:34:18
4. Andy Crater (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @6sec
11. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @41sec
17. Joe Chapman (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @41sec

Criterium, February 16
1. Miguel Meza (Schroeder Iron) 1:09:02)
8. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) s.t.
14. Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) s.t.
15. Marco Aledia (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) s.t.

Final Overall General Classification
1. Aaron Olsen (Schroeder Iron Pro) 5:09:50
  4. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @56sec
37. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @3:42

LeMond Fitness - Blender Magazine Pro Team Announced
New York, NY February 13, 2003

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