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(Cameron Hughes (LeMond Fitness/
Captain CRA-Z Soap) at the front)

(Eneas Freyre tries to bridge the gap to the leaders)

(two LeMond riders near the front as the field passes the tall ships)

New York City Cycling Championships
New York City, August 3, 2003
by Bil Innes

(Bill Innes, a member of the LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap Pro Team, filed this report from the NY City Championships, where an estimated 100,000 people were in attendance).

On a hot and muggy day, down on Wall Street, the LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap squad lined up for the New York City Cycling Championships to compete against some of the best cyclists from around the globe.

 The pace was extreme from the start and the pack was strung out in the gutter all day. Some of the LeMond boys found their way to the front, while others found themselves caught behind crashes and fighting to regain good position.   

The team was weary, having driven from Pennsylvania the day before, after the conclusion of The International, an eight-day event.  Nic Brown, who was hurt in a crash at the Pennsylvania event suffered through his injuries for as long as he could, but the pace got the better of him and he pulled out.  As luck would have it he rolled to the side of the road directly in front of an ABC TV news crew who proceeded to do a live interview with Nic.  It was great exposure for the team and for the race itself as Nic plugged as many sponsors as he could.

A breakaway of 14 riders got away and new recruit Cameron Hughes traded pulls with an ONCE rider, trying to reel them in, but the effort was in vain.  Eneas Freyre attacked late in the race in an attempt to bridge the gap to the leaders, who were only 30 seconds ahead, but the pace never dropped below 30 miles per hour and he found himself back in the fold with three laps to go.  

At the finish, Marty Nothstein, of the Navigators Cycling Team, rocketed off the front of the break and claimed his biggest win since the Olympic gold medal at the Sydney Olympics.  The Cra-Z LeMond boys finished well and made some money winning a few premes and finishing strong.  As they crossed the finish line, the heavens opened and the rain began to pour down.  Trying to stay dry, the boys quickly packed up the team car and headed back to Pennsylvania for a well-deserved rest.

LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap is a Division III professional cycling team with a focus on developing “stars of the future”. 

The LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap Pro Cycling Team is proud to be sponsored by LeMond Fitness (www.lemondfitness.com), Captain CRA-Z Hand and All Purpose Soap (www.cra-z.com), Blender Magazine (www.blender.com), American Italian Cancer Foundation (Honorary Sponsor - www.aicfonline.org), Mazza Consulting, King Capital, K-Rain (www.K-Rain.com), Aardvark Consulting (www.aardvarkconsulting.com), MAL Capital, MiDa,  Il Fiore Ristorante, Trilogy Capital, ComfortDirect.com, Passerelli Landscaping Services, SoBe Lean (www.SoBeBev.com), R&A Cycles (www.racycles.com) as well as numerous individual benefactors.

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