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Captain CRA-Z Soap
Joins LeMond Fitness as Co-Sponsor
New York, NY, March 25, 2003


LeMond Fitness is proud to welcome Captain CRA-Z Soap (www.cra-z.com) as Co-Sponsor of their pro cycling team.  With the addition of the new partner, the team name will become “LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap”.   

Captain CRA-Z Hand and All Purpose Soap, an innovative new product that is both user and environmentally friendly is an important addition to the first-year pro team.  Consulier Engineering, Inc., makers of Captain CRA-Z Soap, is a NASDAQ Traded company (code: CSLR) with US offices in Riviera Beach, Florida.  Consulier is a producer of top quality cleaning products and has a tradition for supporting various sporting endeavors including auto racing. The soap can be purchased by attending any of a wide range of home and athletic trade and industry shows or through retailers that can be found on the www.cra-z.com website. 

“We at Captain CRA-Z Soap are honored to have the colors of our high performance hand and all purpose cleaner riding with the new high performance LeMond Fitness pro cycling team.” said Warren Mosler, Chairman and CEO of Consulier.  The team is proud to be representing Captain CRA-Z soap and is excited by the new partnership. 

As part of the new arrangement, Blender, “the Ultimate Music Magazine” (www.blender.com) will become the Presenting Sponsor of the pro team.  The “extreme” nature of the sport and the team’s emphasis on up and coming athletes ties in perfectly with Blender’s young, hip, and active demographic. 

LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap is a Division III professional cycling team with a focus on developing “stars of the future”.  Its roster consists mainly of younger athletes along with more experienced riders who act as their mentors.  The team is made up of Americans Bill Innes, Andy Crater, Eneas Freyre, Matt Hawkins, Marco Aledia, New Zealander Joe Chapman and Australians Adrian Laidler, Nic Brown and Leigh Palmer. 

The LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap Pro Cycling Team is proud to be sponsored by LeMond Fitness (www.lemondfitness.com), Captain CRA-Z Hand and All Purpose Soap (www.cra-z.com), Blender Magazine (www.blender.com), American Italian Cancer Foundation (Honorary Sponsor - www.aicfonline.org), Mazza Consulting, King Capital, Aardvark Consulting (www.aardvarkconsulting.com), MAL Capital, Velocity (www.velocitygym.com), La Bicyclette Brasserie, Trilogy Capital, ComfortDirect.com, Passerelli Landscaping Services, R&A Cycles (www.racycles.com).  Suppliers: LeMond Bicycles (www.lemondbikes.com), Spinergy wheels (www.spinergy.com), Profile Design (www.profile-design.com), Northwave shoes (www.northwave.it), Limar helmets (www.trialtir-usa.com/2003-limar/limar.htm), Rudy Project (www.rudyproject.com), DeFeet (www.DeFeet.com), Speedplay (www.speedplay.com), Nokian tires (www.nokiantyres.com/bike), Mazur Coaching (MazurCoaching.com), Honey Stinger (www.honeystinger.com

Visit the team web site at www.KissenaSports.com 

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