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Weekend in Pomona
San Dimas, CA, March 6-9, 2003

The first weekend of National Calendar racing has come and gone these past 4 days at the Pomona Valley Stage Race in the hills of Southern California. The 4 day event saw full squads from Saturn, Prime Alliance, LeMond Fitness, Healthnet, Webcor, Schroeder and Go-Mart to name a few of the pro squads in attendance. 

Competing for the LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap team were Bill Innes, Peter Mazur, Marco Aledia, Keith Miller, Andy Crater, Matt Hawkins, Adrian Laidler Joe Chapman, Eneas Freyre and Nic Brown. 

Day one was an 8.5-mile mountain TT up the spectacular Glendora Mountain road. Adrian put in the teams best ride with a solid 18th place behind the Pantani like climbing abilities of Saturnís Tom Danielson who handily won the day. 

Day Two was a 2 hr circuit race in Fontana, California. More resembling a long course criterium the field was strung out all day and escapees werenít given much leeway as Saturn controlled the field. At the 15 minute to go mark Adrian flatted and with no wheel car around dutifully got a wheel from Keith as Marco and Billy waited to pace him back to the field and maintain his GC spot as valuable NRC points went 25 deep for the race.  

Unfortunately for the trio, Prime Alliance had organized their lead out for sprinters Carney and Candelario and they never regained the field holding the gap to 30 seconds for the final few laps. Peter led the shattered field home in 15th

Day Three was a 7.5-mile circuit to be tackled 12 times. Again, the plan was to be diligent and represented in all the moves. Saturn again let a small group whither out in the wind for much of the race and rode a solid, steady tempo all day reeling the group in on the penultimate lap. With a field sprint inevitable, the LeMond Fitness/Captain CRA-Z Soap boys gathered the remaining troops as flats and illness had taken a few riders off the back in the latter stages. Peter again followed the right wheels and came home for 7th behind Stage 2 winner Gord Fraser of Healthnet. 

Day Four resembled the final Tour stage, as it was a forgone conclusion that Danielson, behind his mighty Saturn squad would take the GC with a comfortable minute plus lead. The attacks were thick and fast with Peter, Andy and Nic all throwing their hats in the ring. Saturn, for the 3rd straight day sat on the front and kept the pace high and the attackers at bay. In the finale it was Gord Fraser taking his 3rd win in as many days. 

Having cut their teeth on the first big time racing of the season, the boys are heading in different directions to prepare for the next outings. Look for representatives at the Tucson Classic next weekend and the next NRC event, the Mclane Pacific Classic in two weeks time.

Final Overall General Classification
1. Tom Danielson (Saturn)
20. Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @4:02
42. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @5:46
50. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @6:41
57. Andy Crater (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @7:49
65: Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @ 9:30

Stage 4: San Dimas Community Hospital Criterium
1. Gord Fraser (Health Net Cycling Team)
12. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @ 2 sec
13. Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @ 2 sec
27. Andy Crater (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @ 2 sec
33. Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @ 10 sec
47. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @ 10 sec

Stage 3: Puddingstone Road Race (96 miles)
1. Gord Fraser (Health Net Cycling Team)
7. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) same time
16. Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) same time
26. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) same time
50. Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) same time
64. Adrian Laidler (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) same time

Stage 2: KB Home Circuit Race (2 hours)
1. Gord Fraser (Health Net Cycling Team)
15. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @11 sec
28. Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @11 sec
44. Andy Crater (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @11 sec
45. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @11 sec

Stage 1: Glendora Mountain Time Trial (8.5 miles)
1. Tom Danielson (Saturn) 27:51
18. Adrian Laidler (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @3:45
25. Nic Brown (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @4:05
42. Bill Innes (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @5:08
55. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @5:38
71. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) @6:41

The following sponsors graciously support the LeMond Fitness-Blender Magazine Cycling Team: LeMond Fitness (www.lemondfitness.com), Captain CRA-Z Hand & All Purpose Soap (www.cra-z.com), Blender Magazine (www.blender.com), American Italian Cancer Foundation (Honorary Sponsor - www.aicfonline.org), Mazza Consulting, King Capital, Aardvark Consulting (www.aardvarkconsulting.com), MAL Capital, Velocity (www.velocitygym.com), La Bicyclette Brasserie, Trilogy Capital, ComfortDirect.com, Passerelli Landscaping Services, R&A Cycles (www.racycles.com).  Suppliers: LeMond Bicycles (www.lemondbikes.com), Spinergy wheels (www.spinergy.com), Profile Design (www.profile-design.com), Northwave shoes (www.northwave.it), Limar helmets (www.trialtir-usa.com/2003-limar/limar.htm), Rudy Project (www.rudyproject.com), DeFeet (www.DeFeet.com), Nokian tires (www.nokiantyres.com/bike), Mazur Coaching (MazurCoaching.com), Honey Stinger (www.honeystinger.com)

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