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Shootout at the North End Classic
LeMond Fitness-Blender Grabs Its First Win of the Season
Yuma, AZ, February 22-23, 2003

In only its second weekend of racing together, the LeMond Fitness-Blender Magazine Team wasted little time in making its presence felt on the US racing scene.  From the very beginning of the North End Classic, a points-based stage race, the LeMond boys put themselves in the position of “team to beat”. 

After Friday Evening prologue where you receive 10 pts towards GC for simply starting, the real action began with Saturday’s road race in the town of Wellton, AZ. Representing LeMond Fitness-Blender Magazine were Peter Mazur, Eneas Freyre, Andy Crater, Joe Chapman, Keith Miller, Leigh Palmer, and Matt Hawkins. The race was 99 miles on a pan flat course that saw aggression from the gun. The LeMond squad, debuting their shiny new LeMond Zurich bikes, were always active and represented in every break. In the final 33-mile lap a dangerous move went away with Eneas Freyre and sprinter Roberto Gaggioli. The LeMond team, unhappy with these odds sent the full squad to the front to string out the field and bring it all back together. As the capture was imminent, the attacks began.  Soon Freyre and Peter Mazur found themselves away in a small group with Mazur attacking to win solo and Eneas out sprinting the others for second. 

With 1-2 on the overall the goal for Sunday was to control the field and keep Peter Mazur and Eneas Freyre protected, not an easy task on the tight 1km course. Midway through the 70-minute race Peter rode away solo to be joined by Mariano Friedick of Jelly Belly. These two, working together perfectly, left the field behind with Friedick taking the win. Back in the field the boys were setting Eneas up to score some more points to preserve a high overall place.  Allowing two riders to escape late it the race left the points race close and eventually dropped Eneas to 4th overall. 

With a 1st and 4th on the GC, and 1st and 2nd’s in stages, the weekend can be called nothing less that a huge success, and hopefully a sign of greater things to come for the LeMond Fitness-Blender Magazine Team. 


North End Classic, February 22-23, 2003, Yuma, AZ 

Wellton Road Race (99 miles), Feb 22
1. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine)
2. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine)
3. Hugh Moran (CZ Racing) 

North End Classic Criterium (70 min.), Feb 23
1. Mariano Friedick (Jelly Belly)
2. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine)
3. Karl Bordine (Colavita-Bolla) 

Final Overall General Classification
1. Peter Mazur (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) 175 points
2. Mariano Friedick (Jelly Belly) 123 points
3. Karl Bordine (Colavita-Bolla) 115 points
4. Eneas Freyre (LeMond Fitness/Blender Magazine) 110 points
5. Roberto Gaggioli (D&R Sportivo/Dolce Vita) 80 points 

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